How snus is made


How snus is made

At Gotlandssnus, we always endeavour to create quality products that stand out from the crowd. We use the finest ingredients, which comes through in the flavour and feel. Gotlandssnus has four generations of snus making experience standing behind it, which shows in our quality snus. Today everything is made in a facility in the Roma town of Gotland, where our office is also located.


The tobacco is delivered in large cardboard boxes, which we store in a controlled environment with the correct humidity and temperature. First the tobacco is fed into a mill where it is shredded and ground. Next the ground tobacco passes through a screen, where it is divided into different batches that are used for snus according to specific recipes.


The purpose of pasteurisation is to sterilise the snus to achieve a low level of TSNAs (tobacco-specific nitrosamines). At the beginning of the process we heat the tobacco blend with water and salt. After the mixture has been heat-treated, we add ingredients such as sodium carbonate (which increases the pH level) and aromas which add scent and flavour. Once the mixture is ready and has passed all of our measurement tests, we put it into barrels with air-tight lids. The barrels are kept in a cold storage room until the snus is ready for packaging.


The snus mixture is measured out into the correct quantities, which are then moved by air pressure into a non-woven paper pouch, made from the same type of paper as teabags. The portions are measured using a portion calculator, and then the correct number of portions are placed in a tin. Next two different lids are placed on the product, which is now sealed and protected against contamination. The tin passes through a metal detector and a weighing station where it is carefully inspected. At the next stage the tin receives a wrapper and labels on top and bottom. Next the tins are stacked, wrapped in plastic and packed into boxes.


All packaged snus is stored in a cold storage room (4-8 degrees Celsius) until it is ready to be shipped directly the customer. Cold storage is important for the snus to ripen properly and retain its characteristic flavour and aroma.

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