We are sorry that you have received a product that doesn’t meet your expectations. We have high product standards in order to always achieve the highest quality. We are therefore grateful for contacting us whenever you’re not satisfied with the product you purchased. If you want to complain about snus from Gotlandssnus, please use the contact form below to fill in all the product data we need to accept your complaint. After having finished the complaint, we kindly ask you to store the can and its contents until we get back to you.

File a complaint

If you cannot use the contact form below to file complaints about snus, you can contact us at In that case we kindly ask you to attach a clear picture of the product error and a clear picture of the back of the can (where you can find the product’s date tag etc). Please note that the fields with a * are mandatory. You can also contact us by phone at +46 498 200 990 and we will assist you.

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